Our history

From 1994 during 10 years Volán Professional Association took up centralised vehicle purchasing for Volán companies. At the first calling for tender there wasn't public procurement act in Hungary, so it was a competitive bidding. The first real public procurement was organized in 1997, and ever since then there were newer procedures in every year till 2003. In that year the number of public procurement procedures increased, because of the changes of regulation. It led Volán Professional Association to set up a new office then establish a stand-alone company.

The first employees of VEKI Ltd. were selected among the staff of Volán Professional Association. During the selection procedure the prime criteria was professional experience in the field of public procurement, so Volán Professional Association's skilled vehicle-experts and public procurement professionals came to VEKI Ltd. Today all of us is qualified as "public procurement rapporteur" and the managing director is an official public procurement consultant (20/2004.).

Until April 2004 we launched 15 (open, negotiated and restricted) contract award procedures in 10 different categories, resulted 668 purchased vehicles worth about 25 billions HUF. Besides the Volán companies made tenders themselves as well (e.g. for vehicles, liability insurance, messing allowance, rubber tires, fuels, lubricants, parts, building reconstruction, vehicle repair, finance services), in which we took part as invited consultant.

In the year 2004 VEKI Ltd. carried out 11 contract award procedures, resulted 143 purchased or leased vehicles. The total value of the contracts was higher than 6,3 billion HUF.

In 2005 our company participated in 31 goods supply public procurement procedure (in the form of trade and purchase, close-ended finance lease and permanent lease) worth 9,8 billion HUF, as well as in 22 service contracts worth 10,5 billion HUF. The contracting authorities were public service providers, local governments, area partnerships, public education institutions and an investment company.

In 2006 the contracted public procurement value was 54 billion HUF in goods supply and 907 million in connection with services.

In 2007 our company participated in 25 goods supply public procurement procedure worth 24 billion HUF, as well as in 11 service contracts worth 5,5 billion HUF. The contracting authorities were public service providers and an investment company.

At present we work on vehicle-purchase/lease tenders and on other purchases connected to bus transport (such as subcontract public transport paches, passenger information systems, credit, insurance, etc.) authorised by a number of transport companies. Moreover we provide advisory tasks for our Clients.

We recommend you our above-mentioned services.