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Our company, VEKI Ltd. was established 3rd May 2004, just after Hungary's accession to the European Union, when the new public procurement act came into force. Our mission is providing effectual and up-to-date services for contracting authorities, as well as tenderers, subcontractors taking part in public procurement. On the strength of our activity till now we undertake with responsibility to take part in goods and services purchases.

It means a pleasure for us, that from the beginning we can help for several enterprises in the field of transport. We believe that our good quality services and ad valorem charges bring further tasks and clients for our company.

We hope to help you in the course of your day-work with the collected knowledge that we placed under Information link. If you'd like to draw forth legal source, just click on Legislation. Actual news and up-to-date information about hungarian and european public procurement can be found under Useful links.

We kindly ask you to read about our history, take a view of our Clients, overview the palette of our services. In the case if we kindle your interests, don't hesitate, contact us! Your attendance is a pleasure for us.
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Monday - Thursday: 7.30 - 16.00
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